How can I wipe my baby's face?

How can I wipe my baby's face?

Babies become easily dirty because their face is always exposed and their eyes, nose, and mouth have secretions. Even if their face is not necessarily dirty, it may be needed to wash or wipe their face once in a while


What to use

The best is, without a doubt, just water. However, if your baby is too young, water may not be an easy option. In that case, a cotton ball or cotton dry wipe can be used. If you don't have access to clean water, a wet wipe that contains only water can be a good substitute. Wet wipes that contain other than cotton and water may cause irritation or allergic reaction. You may need to consult with the manufacturer about whether their product can be used for babies. If they show a sign of irritation or allergic reaction, check the ingredients and avoid them in the future.


Baby eating something

How to wipe

Gently wash or wipe your baby's face. Don't rub or scrub your baby too harshly. Be gentle and soft. If you are using a cotton ball or cotton wipe, don't reuse it after use. Avoid washing or wiping your baby's mucous parts such as eyeballs or the inside of the nose, mouse, or ears. When you see some secretions from those parts, gently wipe out outer corners of them. If you see excessive amount of wax or snots in an ear or nose, consider visiting a doctor. 



Babies like warmth

Use warm water in advance so that baby won't be surprised. If you are using a wet wipe you can pre-warm it in warm water or you can warm it with your body temperature.


Make it a play

Babies are sensitive and vulnerable. They may not like what you are doing. If they start to feel uncomfortable, it could become even more difficult the next time you wash or wipe your baby. A tip is to make it a good experience. You can smile, pop your lips or make funny sounds. 

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