Expert Advocates for Consent Culture Starting from Infancy

Expert Advocates for Consent Culture Starting from Infancy

Deanne Carson, a sexuality educator, raised eyebrows by suggesting parents seek their baby's 'consent' prior to nappy changes, emphasizing the importance of "consent culture from day one."

sex expert Deanne Carson


Sexuality expert, Deanne Carson, has stirred a debate by suggesting that parents should seek their baby's 'consent' before changing diapers to instill a sense of consent culture from the very beginning.

Identifying herself as a 'sexuality educator, speaker, and author' on Twitter, Carson made this statement during an interview on ABC. Carson elaborated on her interactions with children as young as three years old regarding the topic of consent and recommended introducing these concepts even earlier to parents.

While acknowledging that infants cannot verbally respond or give permission, Carson emphasized the significance of non-verbal cues, such as eye contact, to convey to the baby that their reactions are valued. During the interview on consent laws, she clarified, "We engage with children starting from the age of three and with parents right from the birth of their child."

The interviewer appeared taken aback, seeking clarification with a "from birth?" to which Carson elaborated, "Yes. It's about establishing a culture of consent at home. So, when you're about to change the nappy, you could say, 'I'm going to change your nappy now, is that okay?' Of course, the baby isn't going to articulate, 'Sure, mom, that's great.' However, by pausing, observing body language, and establishing eye contact, you communicate to the child that their reactions are important."

Carson's views garnered mixed reactions from the audience. Many on Twitter expressed disbelief, with comments ranging from, "Am I really hearing this right?" to "This is mind-boggling." Another tweet humorously remarked, "This surely falls under 'Lefty Lunacy'."

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