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baby with a cotton in his mouth

Why 100% Cotton and 100% Water Wipes are the Best for Your Baby

As a parent, you want to make sure that your baby's delicate skin is protected from harmful chemicals and irritants. That's why many parents are turning to 100% cotton and...
baby lying down and smiling

Blissmile - our story and mission

Different races, Different countries but Same Suffering
natural extracts 3 things you should know

3 things you should know about extracts in cosmetics

In the cosmetics industry, plant extract is one of the most widely used types of ingredient. However, what exactly is it and how is it made? Is it ok to...
Baby holding a hand with an adult near a lake

Our values - OnlyWater wet wipe

Our core value is, without a doubt, "baby first." We put our babies all over the world as our top priority.  Baby - our top priority Babies are beginning their...
Clean cotton on a white table in a white background

Why is cotton a perfect material for a wet wipe?

Most wet wipes on the market use cotton, viscose, polyester or a combination of them. Among them, cotton is one of the best quality fabrics. Not only are they a natural...
Baby with paint all over her body outdoors

Why use individual wet wipes instead of bulk ones?

There are two choices when it comes to wet wipes packaging: individually wrapped ones and bulk ones. Here are three reasons you would prefer individually packaged wipes to bulk wipes....
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