Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes
Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes
Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes
Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes
Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes
Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes

Blissmile 100% Water Only Baby Wipes

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  • 100 pcs (pack of 2)
  • 200 pcs (pack of 4)
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Made only with water and cotton

How Can We Help You?

01. Are bevoje baby wipes truly "Chemical-free"?

"Chemical free" at bevoje means that, besides water and cotton, there are no other added chemicals.

02. Are the bevoje baby wipes really made with 100% water?

Absolutely, our wipes are moistened with 100% Pharmaceutical grade water, and are crafted entirely from water and nonwoven U.S.-grown cotton. No other chemicals, preservatives or additives of any kind are used in the manufacturing process.

03. Why is it important that baby wipes are made with 100% water, purified to Pharmaceutical grade?

Our wipes use 100% pharmaceutical-grade purified water, ensuring they're gentle and safe for a baby's sensitive skin. By avoiding chemicals, we greatly reduce irritation risks, providing more dependable care for your little one.

04. Are bevoje baby wipes flushable?

No, Our wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. Despite being made from 100% nonwoven U.S.-grown cotton, they are designed to be disposed of in a waste bin.

05. How many wipes come in a package?

Each package of bevoje baby wipes contains 50 individually wrapped wipes. If you order 100 pieces, it will be delivered in 2 packs, and if you order 200 pieces, it will be delivered in 4 packs.

06. What is the expiration date of bevoje baby wipes?

The shelf life of the bevoje baby wipes is 1095 days from the date of manufacture, with a minimum expiration date of June 11, 2026.

07. Where are bevoje baby wipes manufactured?

The water used in bevoje baby wipes undergoes a meticulous purification process, ensuring the use of pharmaceutical-grade water. The fabric utilized is exclusively sourced from 100% U.S.-grown cotton. The finished product is manufactured in China.
08. What is the difference between Blissmile and Bevoje?
You may notice that some of our products bear Blissmile, while others feature Bevoje. This variation in branding is due to our ongoing efforts to enhance our product line and cater to the evolving needs of our customers. While the brand name may differ, please be assured that the quality and reliability of our products remain consistent across both labels. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to offer you the best in baby care solutions.

Real Customers Reviews

I really like these to put in my diaper bag, They are individually wrapped, so the're great for when you are in the car, at a restaurant, or just out and about.

Julie A

From Amazon

A nice water and cotton baby wipe that comes in individual packets. They have a quality feel and are very wet. We use them in our baby travel bag. Great for changes, cleaning hands, wiping baby's face, and other cleanups you wouldn't want to use a wipe that wasn't 100% water. Highly recommend these wipes if that fits your use case and you would like to support a USA based small business!


From Amazon

The wipes have no scent and no chemicals which is great for sensitive skin. The wipes are soft and durable, and I wiped my baby's bottom with it just fine. The individual wraps are good for travel, so you can just bring a few where ever you go.


From Amazon


Say goodbye to bulk packaging!

Always portable in your pocket

For quick walks or outing with your baby, swithc to our individually wrapped water wipes instead of bulky packages, Ideal for strolls, camping, or day trips, our wipes fit easily in your pocket, purse or bag, simplifying travel. Care for the most sensitive areas with the pure wipes.

Differences from 99% water wipes.

Switch to Safe

Does your baby show allergic reactions on the skin? Check the back of your baby wipes for chemical preservatives like Citric Acid, Benzalkonium Chloride, or Sodium Benzoate. Blissmile's wipes are 100% water, avoiding chemical perservatives. Our baby wipes are the optimal choice for your baby.

When wiping around a baby's mouth

The Risk of Plastic Absorption

Babies often stick out their tongues every time you wipe their mouths. At this time, you must be cautious of ingesting chemicals and plastics. For wiping your baby's mouth area after meals outdoors, use our wet wipes made of 100% water and cotton.