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Blissmile - our story and mission


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Different races, Different countries but Same Suffering

In a world where the dangers of harmful chemicals loom large, the need to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones has become paramount. For us, this realization began with a tragedy that shook South Korea to its core. In 2011, over 6,000 people fell ill with lung diseases, and more than 1,300 innocent lives, including babies, children, and mothers, were lost due to a humidifier that contained harmful chemicals. The devastating effects of chemical misuse spurred us to take action and create a safer world for our children.

However, the dangers posed by harmful substances and bacteria in everyday products continued to plague us. The controversy surrounding America's Baby Powder, which led to asbestos litigation and caused harm to many, was a heartbreaking reminder of this fact. Additionally, the discovery of harmful substances in baby wet wipes sparked great concern among parents. It was in response to these dangers that we created "blissmile," a line of newborn wet wipes that are free of harsh chemicals. Our goal was to provide parents with a safe and gentle option for their little ones, without the worry of harmful additives.

At our company, we were deeply moved by these tragedies and felt a sense of responsibility to create a solution. That's why we launched our line of newborn wet wipes that are completely free of harsh chemicals in January 2023 under the "blissmile" brand. We believe that every child deserves a safe and gentle start in life, and we are committed to providing parents with a trustworthy and reliable option for their little ones. Our journey has been one of passion and dedication to creating a better world for our children, and we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission.



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We produce the best products for our babies less than a year old.

We have witnessed babies from various races in different countries suffer from the same chemical causes. The multitude of chemicals, especially Benzalkonium Chloride, has been the leading cause of our babies' suffering.

While many baby brands promote eco-friendliness, they add too many chemical ingredients to products intended for babies under one year old. Despite the disadvantage of having a higher unit price, we decided to build a brand that creates products with minimal ingredients for babies less than a year old.