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At Blissmile, we believe that every baby is precious and deserves only the best care. Our mission is to create safe, gentle, and effective products with minimal ingredients for babies under one year old, using only the highest quality ingredients that meet the US Pharmacopeia standards. We understand the challenges that parents face in finding products that are not only safe and effective but also affordable. That's why we've chosen to take a different approach, focusing on simplicity, natural ingredients, and a commitment to quality.

Our journey began with devoted parents who shared our vision and passion for nurturing and protecting the delicate skin of their precious children. These parents' dedication and love touched our hearts and became the very essence of our brand. As torchbearers of their noble legacy, we uphold the highest standards of purity and quality in our products, ensuring their spirit of love and care reaches every parent and child who embraces our Blissmile baby wipes.

Our newborn wipes are a testament to this commitment. They contain only purified water that meets the US Pharmacopeia standards and premium U.S. cotton, with no preservatives, fragrances, or other harmful additives. We believe that protecting babies isn't just a business for us - it's a moral imperative. Our dedication to creating products that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and efficacy has made us a trusted partner for parents and caregivers around the world.

By choosing Blissmile, you not only give your baby the gentlest touch and the purest care, but you also support a company that shares your commitment to protecting the health and well-being of all babies. Together, we proudly carry forward the legacy of visionary parents, perpetuating the spirit of tenderness, purity, and devotion that has defined our brand since its inception. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide the finest care for generations of precious little ones to come, using only the best ingredients that adhere to the strict standards of the US Pharmacopeia.


Different races, different countries but Same suffering

In a world where the dangers of harmful chemicals loom large, the need to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones has become paramount. For us, this realization began with a tragedy that shook South Korea to its core. In 2011, over 6,000 people fell ill with lung diseases, and more than 1,300 innocent lives, including babies, children, and mothers, were lost due to a humidifier that contained harmful chemicals. The devastating effects of chemical misuse spurred us to take action and create a safer world for our children.

However, the dangers posed by harmful substances and bacteria in everyday products continued to plague us. The controversy surrounding America's Baby Powder, which led to asbestos litigation and caused harm to many, was a heartbreaking reminder of this fact. Additionally, the discovery of harmful substances in baby wet wipes sparked great concern among parents. It was in response to these dangers that we created "blissmile," a line of newborn wet wipes that are free of harsh chemicals. Our goal was to provide parents with a safe and gentle option for their little ones, without the worry of harmful additives.

At our company, we were deeply moved by these tragedies and felt a sense of responsibility to create a solution. That's why we launched our line of newborn wet wipes that are completely free of harsh chemicals in January 2023 under the "blissmile" brand. We believe that every child deserves a safe and gentle start in life, and we are committed to providing parents with a trustworthy and reliable option for their little ones. Our journey has been one of passion and dedication to creating a better world for our children, and we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission.
Commitment to Quality
"Preservative-Free Baby Wipes: A Safer, More Natural Option for Your Baby's Delicate Skin" We produce the best products for our babies less than a year old.
As a parent, you want to make sure that the products you use on your baby are safe and free of harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, many baby wipes on the market contain preservatives that can be dangerous for your baby's delicate skin. At our company, we're committed to providing parents with a safer, more natural option for baby wipes that are free of preservatives.

Preservatives are used in baby wipes to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. While they may be effective at preventing microbial growth, they can also be harmful to your baby's skin. Synthetic preservatives, such as parabens and formaldehyde-releasing agents, have been linked to skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people.

In addition to synthetic preservatives, many natural ingredients, such as fruit extracts, can also act as preservatives. While natural preservatives may be a more natural alternative to synthetic ones, it's important to be aware that they do have antimicrobial properties that can affect your baby's skin.

It's also worth noting that virtually all other baby wipes on the market contain some form of preservative. However, at our company, we've developed a line of baby wipes that are completely free of preservatives. Our wipes are made with 100%  Ultra-pure water and 100% USA cotton, and we don't add any preservatives to the mix.

To ensure that our wipes are free of bacteria and fungi, we use a combination of individual packaging and steam sterilization. Each wipe is packaged individually, which keeps them fresh and eliminates the need for preservatives. Our steam sterilization process also kills off any potential pathogens without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

In conclusion, as a parent, it's important to be aware of the potential dangers of preservatives in baby wipes. Synthetic preservatives can be harmful to your baby's skin, while even natural preservatives can have antimicrobial properties that may affect your baby's delicate skin. At our company, we offer a safer, more natural option for baby wipes that are free of preservatives. By using a combination of individual packaging and steam sterilization, we've created wipes that are both gentle and effective, so you can feel confident that you're using the safest option for your baby.


"As a leader and a parent, I share your dedication to offering only the best for our children. Our product embodies this commitment, ensuring utmost purity and safety for delicate young skin."

Tim Kim


"Having personally overseen every product detail, I'm proud of our commitment to unparalleled quality. Our focus has always been – and always will be – the health and happiness of your little ones."

Sophie Lee

Chief Product Officer

"Combining years of expertise with a parent's touch, we've meticulously crafted our products. Trust is earned, and we're confident you'll find ours unparalleled in both safety and efficacy."

Benjamin Torres

Head of Research & Development

"Every time I hear feedback from parents, I'm reminded of my own journey as a mother. We understand your concerns and your dreams. Our mission is to make your parenting journey a tad bit smoother."

Grace Kim

Customer Experience Director

"Ensuring our products reach you in perfect condition is my top priority. I'm also a parent, and I know the responsibility we bear. Rest assured, every item we send out meets the standards I'd expect for my own children."

Ella Fitzgerald

Head of Operations