Call for Revision of FDA Ingredient Transparency for Babies

Call for Revision of FDA Ingredient Transparency for Babies

For the past 10 years, I have worked as a medical device development expert, and during this time, I have been dissatisfied with companies' lack of transparency in disclosing ingredients and the FDA's lax guidelines. Particularly, the opacity of ingredients in baby products has instilled a sense of unease within our family regarding the use of such products.

Babies Exposed to Hidden Chemicals and Microplastics in Wipes

Parents always prioritize the safety of their infants, but the lack of transparency in information regarding baby products puts their well-being at risk. Did you know that the term "(plant) extract" or "(plant) water" often conceals more than just plant elements, including undisclosed preservatives or solvents? Moreover, many baby wipes in the market contain microplastics in their fabric composition without proper disclosure. While not all chemicals or plastics are inherently harmful, parents deserve the right to know the contents of the wipes they use. Whether natural or synthetic, all chemicals pose a potential allergenic risk, and the growing health concerns surrounding microplastics underscore the urgency of this issue.

Why Is This Happening? What Is FDA Doing About It?

FDA does not mandate disclosure of a component of an ingredient if the component has “no technical or functional effect in the finished cosmetic” as it is an “incidental ingredient.” (FDA Link) However, questions arise: who determines if a component has no technical or functional effect, and what precisely constitutes a "technical effect"? In fact, according to a 2001 study, Benzethonium Chloride was detected in some products that claimed to contain grapefruit seed extract (source: Identification of Benzethonium Chloride in Commercial Grapefruit Seed Extracts, 2001). Benzethonium Chloride is a chemical surfactant and preservative that can cause skin issues, including allergies. However, in this case, the inclusion of Benzethonium Chloride was not required to be disclosed, leaving parents unaware. The current guidelines from the FDA regarding ingredients create ambiguity and a lack of transparency, infringing upon consumers' right to know and potentially compromising the health of infants.

Act Now – Your Involvement Counts

There was a time when companies didn't even have to disclose anything about cosmetics. Disclosing more information is not impossible and can empower consumers to make informed decisions. Support our cause by signing our petition at Your involvement matters, as increased participation will garner attention from both companies and the FDA. Together, we can and must bring about change, asserting our right to know the contents of baby products. Let us act now to secure a safer, healthier future for our babies. 

The Perfect Alternative for Your Baby:

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