Should I clean my baby's ear? If so, how?

Should I clean my baby's ear? If so, how?

You might notice some earwax around or inside your baby's ear and be tempted to clean it. But is it ok to clean it? 


Earwax blocks external germs

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to clean earwax inside your baby's ear. Earwax is not necessarily bad because it blocks external germs from entering the ear canal. In addition, without proper facility and skill, cleaning the earwax inside an ear can push the earwax and hurt the eardrum.

Baby lying on a white blanket

It is especially advised to avoid home remedies such as earwax. Improper remedies can hurt your baby's delicate ear skin. The skin of the ear canal is especially weak, and skin of the baby's ear canal is even weaker. 


Just use a cotton cloth and water

If there are earwax or dirts around the outside of the baby's ear, it is ok to gently clean them. When you do so, what you need is not more than just a cotton cloth and water. Do not use soap or wet wipes that contain something other that cotton and water. Soap or other chemicals can get into ear canal and can cause irritation. With a cotton cloth with water, gently wipe out your baby's external ear part.


A doctor looking into baby's ear with an instrument


When to see a doctor

If you find substantially large amount of earwax or discharge from the ear, you should contact the doctor to see if it needs treatment. You should also observe if you baby is not hearing well or is feeling uncomfortable with his or her ears because that could indicate that medical examination is needed.