Why Use Individual Baby Wipes Instead of Bulk Ones?

Why Use Individual Baby Wipes Instead of Bulk Ones?

There are two choices when it comes to wet wipes packaging: individually wrapped ones and bulk ones. Here are three reasons you would prefer individually packaged wipes to bulk wipes.



Individually wrapped packages are always new when you open it, so it is more hygienic. If you open a bulk wet wipe, molds and dusts can penetrate and the wipes inside the bulk package start to perish. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation on the usage after it is opened. Some products don't have this information about the expiry date of the open package. In this case, you should use it as quickly as possible. You should be especially careful if it claims it does not contain preservatives. They perish even more quickly. In any case, check if the wipe is clean and free of any stains or molds when you use it. If you don't want this hassle, just open a new individually wrapped wet wipe.

Unbranded bulk wet wipe left open.

Easy to carry

Another great advantage of individually wrapped wet wipes is that it is much easier to carry. It is small and light. You can pack just the right number of wet wipes you need. When you are traveling or doing some outdoor activities, individual wet wipes are a perfect choice.

Baby on leaves playing with leaves in fall season 


Long time use

Lastly, individual wet wipes last longer because you use one wipe at a time. Once you open a bulk wet wipe, you have to use it quickly. If not, it will either dry out or start to grow molds in the package. On the contrary, individual wipes are just individual, so you don't have to worry about using them quickly. As long as you use the individual wet wipes before they expire, you can use them.

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